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Traditional dynamic website

Traditional Website

  • Mobile friendly responsive website.
  • Easier to scale.
  • Easy to integrate analytics.
  • Slower speed than single page applications and PWA.
  • Great SEO performance.
  • Good choice for businesses who rely heavily on SEO for traffic.
  • Majority of websites on internet fall under this category.
single page apps

Single Page Apps

  • Mobile friendly responsive website.
  • Faster Loading.
  • Enhanced User Experience.
  • Works great even in slow internet.
  • Heavily browser dependent.
  • Lower SEO performance than traditional websites.
  • Some examples: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.
Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

  • The future of web technology.
  • Native mobile application like feel.
  • Can be installed on device like any other mobile application.
  • Enhanced User Experience.
  • Great experience even without internet.
  • Costs less than native mobile application.
  • Best choice for startups.

We Make Websites That Are

Our Approach



Past Paper

An online library of past year exam papers of various schools, colleges and competitve exams.

This website is an example of simple traditional website.

hewo social network


A location based community building social network.

This website utilises best of traditional website, single page apps and progressive web apps (PWA).

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