7 Questions The SEO Expert May Ask You

So you have decided to hire a SEO expert or an agency for your business. But before you meet them, you should prepare answers for some of the most common questions that the SEO expert may ask you.

These questions are very important for the SEO expert in order to understand your business and to draft an effective SEO strategy for your business.

1. What are your SEO goals ?

First and the most important question is about your goal. You should be clear about what your ultimate goal is, whether you want to increase your website traffic, product sales, increase subscriptions, etc.

This is a stepping stone towards forming an effective SEO strategy.

2. What are your target audience ?

Suppose you are selling a baby product, then you have to create a content that appeals to young parents and soon to be parents. Your product would be of no use for teenagers, singles and aged people.

With a clear information on the target audience, the SEO expert will be able to create an effective user persona which will be very helpful while creating a content for your website.

3. What keywords are you targeting ?

By getting to know about your current targeted keywords, the SEO expert will be able to research and advise you on the effectiveness and market competition of the keywords.

This also helps the SEO expert in selecting similar keywords having less competition thus more probability of ranking higher.

4. Who are your competitors in the market ?

Evaluating your competitors is the key part in many SEO expert’s strategy. We can learn from their positives and learn from their negatives.

Analyzing weak points in your competitors SEO strategy and working in same area on your website can give you an edge. You can get hold of the customers that your competitor is losing.

5. Did you hired anyone else for SEO in past ?

Getting to know the history of your website can answer why your website is not ranking despite investing in SEO. It is possible that your past SEO expert has used some spammy or bad SEO practices that has lead to penalties by the search engine.

6. What are your expectations from us ?

Although quiet uncommon, but this question should be asked by any SEO expert before taking up any project.

Many businesses expect instant results after hiring SEO expert. They are looking for quick changes in the google rankings, increase in traffic or sales, etc. But SEO doesn’t works like magic. Search engines like google regularly update their search algorithms and to see actual changes it may require months of work.

7. Total budget for SEO ?

Obviously, budget is an important factor for any SEO expert or agency. Most of the companies and SEO expert have their own SEO plans of different budgets. It is advisable to discuss all budget related queries beforehand in order to prevent any budget related issues while project is going on.


The above listed questions are just few common or important questions that you should prepare for. There would be variety of questions posed by different SEO experts and agencies depending on their strategies but most of them will revolve around above 7 questions only.

If you are new to SEO field, you should be aware of the fact that SEO is not magic and you have to wait patiently to see positive results.

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