6 Questions The Website Developer Will Ask You About Your Business

For any business owner or representative, it is very important to know about website developer and his/her past work.

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Similarly, it is important for any website developer to know about you and your business goals in order to give you the best final product.

So here are few questions that a website developer might ask you before beginning your project.

1. What is the goal of your business ?

The goal can be defined as whether you are selling service, product or you are building a brand value.

The website developer should be able to understand your goal and should reflect it through the website design.

2. Do you need a blog for your website ?

Most businesses are integrating blogging in their website, although it may not be necessary for your business but it can have a very positive effects on your business success.

3. What is that one thing that differentiates you from others ?

Why someone should visit your website or why someone should buy your product ?

The differentiating factor can be emphasized by the web developer through UX/UI design of your website.

4. How often you will be changing your website’s content ?

This will determine whether the developer need to make a content management system for you and what all content needs to be changed.

5. List of other businesses who you consider as your competitors.

By analyzing your competitors website, the website developer can look for minor UI/UX and SEO mistakes in there website. And can work on your website to give a edge to you over your competitor.

6. Any design preferences ?

It is important to know whether you have certain design ideas or preferences in your mind which according to you aligns with your brand goals because at the end of the day you know better about your business than anyone else.

The website developer can build up upon your idea or he/she can make some productive suggestions before beginning your project.


It is possible that the website developer is relatively new to this field and may miss out asking few or all of this questions.

Even if your website developer doesn’t asks you above questions, you should yourself make it clear to your website developer about your requirements, goals, design preferences, differentiating factors, etc.

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