3 Features Every School Website Should Have

Developing a school website is one of the easiest project for any website developer, but we at NSK Studio LLP believe in adding value to every website development project we do.

So, here is the list of few features that every school should add to their website.

1. E-Library

A section in website where schools can upload past year question papers of school exams, Olympiads, links to free e-books and study materials.

E-library can also contain career guides that students can refer to select there future career after school.

2. Discussion Forum

There could be many unaddressed doubts related to exams, events, circulars, etc. in minds of parents and students.

Apart from clearing such doubts, discussion forum will also help in creating a school driven community of parents, teachers and students.

3. Students, Teachers and Parents driven Blog

Blog posts are great way to convey your message to large audience. Although blogs are rarely found in school websites but they can be great way to connect and form a united community.

A student can write about stress, interesting events, wishes, etc. A teacher can write about their teaching experiences and a parent can give advises to whole student community in school.

This will be a great way of communicating and engaging with everyone in school.


There is no problem in having traditional school website without above features, but Covid-19 has changed how schools work. Almost all of the schools in world have moved online for classes.

Thus, schools should also upgrade their online presence and provide more interactive experience to their students, teachers and parents.

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