4 Features Every Tour and Travel Company Websites Should Have

Majority of the tour and travel business websites in India talk about services they offer, trips they provide, benefits of travelling with them and some statistical data supporting their claims.

Although they do their best in displaying all relevant data, images and statistics to lure their visitors but they often miss out some very basic things which might cost them losing some valuable customers.

Here are few features that definitely adds value to what already is present on website.

1. Visual Representation of Trip Timeline

Most websites will write some bullet points to tell about whole trip timeline as follows:

Day 1:

  • Morning Breakfast
  • Travelling to X destination from ABCD train
  • Checking in hotel.
  • Dinner

Day 2:

  • Breakfast
  • Visiting XYZ Fort.
  • Lunch
  • Visiting XY Museum.
  • Dinner.

Now by looking at above data, a website visitor will definitely get a rough idea about whole journey but he/she won’t be impressed by it.

Instead of writing just few bullet points, you should create a graphical timeline involving pictures of places, hotels, buses, train, breakfast, etc. that are included in the trip package.

This makes the trip timeline more appealing than just textual bullet points.

2. Guest Blogging

Who can describe the trip experience better than your customers. Create a space for your customers to write about there experience. Such posts can attract more customers and can be great asset for your SEO strategy.

You can also reward your blogging customers with future discounts or gift cards.

3. Video Gallery

You might have an active YouTube page but it is highly unlikely that a new visitor will open your YouTube channel just because there is a tiny YouTube icon in one corner of the website.

The best way to tell your visitor about your YouTube channel is to integrate your YouTube videos at relevant places on your website.

Some of the ideal places for the placement of videos can be:

  • Page having particular trip details. Videos related to that particular trip can be uploaded on that page.
  • Custom video gallery page.

4. Tours Library

You can have your own E-Library for your travel business if your business is old enough or you have completed good amount of trips.

This library can be categorized according to year, destination or trip package and can store related memories, images, videos, blogs, behind the scenes etc. that you haven’t displayed on your main pages.


We at NSK Studio LLP always look forward to add some value to our client’s business. The above listed features are some of the key things that we as web developers can give to a tour and travel business to help them build good, positive, healthy and a long lasting customer relationships.

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