5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring Someone to Build Your Business Website

So you decided to have a website for your business. Here are few things you should think about before hiring a website developer for your business.

1. What is the goal of your website ?

This is the first thing in any process, whether it is website development, mobile app development, SEO or any other non-technical project. You have to be clear with your goal.

Are you trying to sell any product, service, idea or thought with your website ?

Will you be monetizing your website ? If yes, then how ?

These are few questions that you should keep in mind while thinking of your goal as your website developer will need to design a website that aligns with your goal.

2. Why should someone visit your website ?

You may say, because I am selling best XYZ product, but the question is why a someone should visit your website to buy a XYZ product when there are already 100 websites that sell XYZ product.

Your website developer can design a website that focuses on answer to this question which may result in increase in traffic, sales, subscriptions, etc.

3. What all pages should be there ?

An experienced website developer will always help you with this question but no one knows better about your business than yourself.

So it is always a good idea to have a clear picture about number of pages, their respective titles and page structures.

4. What is your budget ?

Your budget should be able to cover domain + hosting charges + developer fees.

Domain and hosting charges are always fixed so you can’t bargain in their. Though developer fees is negotiable but you shouldn’t bargain too much with your developer as it is him/her who is going to execute your goal and help you with it.

5. Developing website is first step, getting users is second

After few weeks or months depending upon complexity of your website, your website is completed.

But you might get disappointed as there is no significant traffic on your website as you expected.

This is because, developing website is first step, now you need to have a SEO strategy for your website so that it can reach your potential clients or users and rank well in Google results.

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