Frequently Asked Questions


The rise in social networks have filled the gap of long distances between people but it has made people around us more distant than ever. Hewo is a meeting network where you can introduce yourself to people around you within a specified radius. Share your work, idea, thoughts and goals with people in your society, college or workplace with whom you haven't got a chance to interact.

You might be an artist who wants to share your art with the world around you, or a person looking for a job or just a bored individual. Hewo is a place where you can introduce yourself to people around you, people with whom you may have crossed path with but never interacted. Hewo lets you share your work, idea or goals with people around you.

In order to make your profile visible to others and to see profile of other users, you have to add markers at various locations for which location permissions are needed.

If you won't share your location then, you won't be able to use the core feature of the app due to which you will neither be able to see other profiles nor you will be able to make your profile visible to others.

It is absolutely safe; we don't share your location with anyone. Other users can only see your profile if they have added marker within radius of your marked location, still only profile is visible. The associated location is not visible to anyone else.

You may not have met everyone in your society, college or workplace. We intend to bring together people who are actually around you but you haven't interacted with them. Although, you should add only those locations where you feel absolutely safe.


On desktop click on “Add Location” button on right side, on mobile click the bottom right icon.

A popup will open with your gps location (allow location service for this website, if nothing shows).

Add location name, set desired radius on the map and click save.

All the posts which you save on broadcast page is visible for 48 hours to every user on selected locations irrespective of whether user follows you or not.

You can see all the posts from people who you follow for as long as the post is not deleted by the author.

Your profile page will be visible to all the users within the radius of marked location. On profile page you can add links to your facebook, Instagram, twitter, linkedin, youtube profiles and website.

You can also add new posts through your profile page only.

Hewo doesn't provide messaging platform to its users. In order to chat with another user, try connecting with them through social network links provided in their profile.